No Host Again, Is Oscars Losing Popularity Day by Day?

Why the 2021 Oscars have no Host, again?

It is surprising that the Academy Awards show has had a bit of an uptick in viewers last two years, despite not having an official host last year and also in 1989. It was supposed to be Kevin Hart but that did not end up working out for them, he took himself out of the position. They eventually were left without a host and now they will be moving forward again with the same deal for this year. They might be fine with the second year of no official host, but is it going to be a good enough show without one to sustain them long term? They cannot know that yet because it is only the second year that they will be going without a host. Are they going to neglect to hire any host from here forward? Only time will tell, but for now, it makes 2 years in a row without a traditional Oscars host.

Many are wondering who might if any, be the next Oscars host choice to be selected. When the Oscars decided to go without a host last year it was the first time in three decades that they had made the move for the show. According to, it was more than 30 years that the Oscars had gone without having to resort to a show without a host, they always have a host. But because of controversy and lack of options, it seems they had no other choice but being left with the decision to go that route and it ended up working out for them. Seeing as it worked for the last year for an increase in viewers, they are hoping that it will return the same success this year, with more tuning in to see the show.

Is Oscars losing popularity day by day?

In 2018 it is estimated that some 26 million people or more viewed the Oscars the night that it aired on ABC. This made news and was surprised because it was the very first time that the Oscars had gone below 30 million for viewership. Because of the lower views than the often seen 30+ million, the results quickly prompted headlines that people were massively losing interest in watching the show. Are they? If that were true then we would expect to see the views go down even further in 2019 but that is not the situation that we witnessed. They did the opposite, they went up a little bit which no doubt came as a surprise to many people who were convinced it would be a disaster. In 2019 things picked up a bit for the Academy Awards show with an estimated 29.6 million viewers or more watching the show, but that is still below the average 30 million or more that they would often pull. It might still be too early to tell whether people are officially losing interest if the popularity is on its way out and becoming increasingly irrelevant.

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Not only has the famous Academy Awards show had difficulty in recent years with trying to boost their views but the Oscars has also had to struggle with a great deal of controversy in recent years from host selection too, and another backlash with actors politicizing speeches. It has caused a great deal of public controversy over what hosts should be selected or who might be boycotting the show to show solidarity for one cause or another. As for what has happened in the past with hosts, Kevin Hart is one who had last time been selected for hosting the 2019 Oscars. That didn’t work out for Hart though after some controversial comments of his from years prior came to light, he faced pressure to step down. As a result of the difficulty with finding a host and having to replace Hart, the Oscars officially went without a host in 2020. It looks like the 2021 show will again be without an official host for the Oscars too.

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